You’ve successfully found (or perhaps stumbled upon by accident) the OFFICIAL WEBSITE (or at least the holding page) of the Texas based “progressive rock band” HANDS.

In either case you’ll find many historically pertinent images, hopefully interesting and entertaining facts, and virtual truckloads of critiques from around the globe here.

Attention -- Rant Alert!

However, If you’re looking for the 4-piece combo (from California) -- or any of the other multiple, Mensa-run outfits who obviously didn’t take the time to do a simple search of the Internet to see if anyone else had ever thought of calling themselves HANDS first -- then you’re in the wrong place. 


By the way, we claimed the name HANDS way back in nineteen- hundred-and-seventy-seven.

We are also notHand, Ten Hands, Bear Hands, Clap Your Hands, Backhand, Open Hands, Flying Hands, Farmhands, Look Ma - No Hands!, or one of the countless disparate bands that are seemingly enamored with the five-digit extensions at the end of one’s wrists.

We are simply – HANDS.

To borrow a famous phrase from our own backyard (associated with the Dallas Cowboys): “often imitated, never equaled.”

So, having said all of that … 


Please stick around for a while, come back often, and tell all of your art-rock loving friends about us.

© Hands 2016